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Birdmonster entered bloggers' and critics' consciousness in October of last year on the strength of a self-released EP that, with its brash Springsteen-meets-Fugazi aesthetic, opened doors to high profile supporting slots with the likes of Art Brut, Sound Team, Catfish Haven, and Division Day, not to mention the type of buzz that forces Pitchfork to wallow in its limitations as a credible source for anything.

The San Francisco quartet's storied live shows and unique D.I.Y. sensibility very much paved that road, but, as they revealed last month on an eerie Dallas night, Birdmonster's true ambitions are focused on the songs and an ever-growing sonic palette.

This week, Birdmonster's Peter Arcuni and David Klein sit down to discuss their just-released debut long player, No Midnight, and how the experience of communicating their live energy on that record whet the band's appetite to develop their studio sound and the burgeoning songwriting methodologies that will shape their sophomore effort.

The Birdmonster Beauty Bar photo and more by Chad Wadsworth.

Mp3: Birdmonster - "'Cause You Can"

Mp3: IndieInterviews podcast
Direct download: 15ish_Minutes_with_Birdmonster.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 3:43pm CST

On a sweltering Friday evening in June, Barry Hyde of UK quartet, The Futureheads, kindly invited me into the band's well-equipped (and air conditioned) tour bus to escape, well, the summer and the throngs encircling Dallas' Gypsy Tearoom.

"How can you possibly stand this heat?" he asked as we sat down.

"I can't," I remarked.

When we sat down, Hyde, the Futureheads' frontman and chief songwriter, cut right to the chase and thoughtfully unraveled the executional and philosophical approaches to the songs and harmonies on their just-released News and Tributes LP, exhaustively contrasting their latest effort with their critically-acclaimed eponymous debut.

Assessing the Futureheads' rise -- and his scorn for their former label, Warner Brothers -- Hyde generously shed light on the inner-workings of a band that began, as he will admit, with few and simple expectations.

If there ever was any uncertainty about their rise, Hyde et al affirmed his confidence, and the audience's high expectations, pushing the limits, lengths, and structures of their crafty cache of songs for almost two hours. It was an impressive set and, for your host, at least, the show dutifully proved why the Futureheads have garnered such praise from a growing network of famous friends, influential publications, bloggers, hipsters, and the rest.

Downloadable PDF of Episode 41: The Futureheads

Download Podcast of Episode 41: The Futureheads

Direct download: Episode_41__The_Futureheads.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 7:28pm CST

15 Minutes with Peter and the Wolf

Before his recent Dallas show, I had the chance to pull Red aside for an expansive interview and an impromptu recording session, which resulted in two single-mic performances of some of his most beloved songs, "Red Sun" from Peter and the Wolf and Adventure from MTV2's Wonder Showzen.

Red Hunter isn't like most musicians I've talked with over the last year. Maybe that's because he's so willing to ponder, detail, even perform, his many diverse interests. He will tell you about playing shows in graveyards and dressing up like a Vet for a case study in audience reaction.  He will tell you about jokingly suggesting he and a peer tour in a sailboat.  He will cite Chomsky and address the perils of media propaganda and, in a twist, tie it all -- and convincingly so -- to independent music. He will offer perspectives, ideas, and insights that only hint at why he's one of the more compelling figures in underground music

Peter and the Wolf - Red Sun (IndieInterviews) (mp3)

Red Hunter - Adventure (Wonder Showzen cover) (Indie Interviews exclusive mp3)

Upcoming Peter and the Wolf Dates
7.06 San Diego, Scolari's Office
7.07 Los Angeles, The Echo
7.08 Los Angeles, Il Corral
7.09 San Francisco, Hotel Utah
7.12 Portland, Towne Lounge
7.13 Seattle, S.S. Marie Antoinette
7.14 Victoria BC, Orange Hall
7.15 Vancouver BC Pat's Pub
7.18 Seattle, live on KAOS at 9pm
7.20 Salt Lake City, Vagabond
7.21 Denver, Rhinoceropolis
7.22 Omaha, O'Leavers
7.23 Lincoln, Chatterbox
7.24 Ames, The Practice Space
7.25 Iowa City, The Hall Mall
7.26 Columbia, Ragtag
7.27 Columbia, Live on KOPN at 3pm
7.27 St. Louis, The Ground Floor
7.28 Chicago, Logan Square
7.31 Ypsilanti, Banana Tina
8.02 Kutztown, GoodVibes
8.03 Charlottesville, Tea Bazaar
8.04 Baltimore, Talking Head
8.05 Philly, Avant Gentlemen's Lodge
8.09 Portsmouth, Chutney Flatz
8.10 Portland, Strange Maine
8.11 Montreal, Green Room
8.12 Toronto, Tranzac
8.13 Rochester, The Bug Jar
8.14 Kingston, KMOCA
8.15 Northampton, Gallery THINK
8.17 Boston, P.A.'s Lounge
8.18 NYC, Goodbye Blue Monday

Direct download: 15_Minutes_with_Peter_and_the_Wolf.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 3:36pm CST

Episode 40: The Streets
This week, British MC Mike Skinner of The Streets, sits down with your host, Garrison Reid, to discuss his private imprint, The Beats, and various other business flirtations, the essence of American rap culture, and the relative disparities in courting women at home and abroad.

In addition, we've taken the podcast and brought it to new life in a downloadable PDF filled with the text of the interview and amazing photos taken at The Streets Austin tour date by Chad Wadsworth. As we've hit podcast 40, we're looking for some feedback. What have been some of your favorites so far? What are your thoughts on the new transcription feature? Hasn't the audio quality improved in the last 11 months? Feel free to leave your thoughts within the comments section.

Download Audio: Episode 40: The Streets

Downloadable PDF of Episode 40

Visit Chad Wadsworth's Flickr

Direct download: Episode_40__The_Streets.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 1:19am CST

On the eve of the release of their highly anticipated Capitol Records debut, "Movie Monster," Sound Team's Matt Oliver and Sam Sanford discuss, among other things, the band's rigorous approach to multimedia filtration and typographic design, their give-and-take collaboration with famed indie producer, Mike McCarthy, and their multi-pronged songwriting aesthetic.

Full Downloads from Movie Monster
Sound Team - Movie Monster
Sound Team - Your Eyes Are Liars

Stream the Born to Please video clip.

Previous Sound Team IndieInterviews
Bill Baird from early August 2005

"My friend's band is" by Sam Sanford
"The new record I'm into is" by Sam Sanford
"My favorite city to play in is" by Sam Sanford
"Explains 'Your Eyes Are Liars" by Sam Sanford
"If I could ask" by Sam Sanford

Direct download: 15MinutesWithSoundTeam.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 2:15pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with We Are Scientists. The band discusses filming comical music videos, working with The Lonely Island guys and the relationship between Pitchfork and major labels.


Here's a "comprehensive smattering" of the band's national tour with friends Arctic Monkeys.

Direct download: Episode_39__We_Are_Scientists.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 12:55am CST

Chevy Express van + John Vanderslice + Tiny Telephone + Del + Exodus Damage Remix + Gypsy Tearoom + 35mm + San Francisco + "Trance Manual" music video + Hitchcock's Young and Innocent + MacGuffin + Tom Waits' chicken coop + DCist + Hasselblad + Chris' aesthetic = Episode 38: John Vanderslice (mp3)

You might be saying this isn't YouTube or Flickr. You are right, but if you have any additional tags that might describe the interview, feel free to comment them.

Episode 38 with John Vanderslice is another special 30-minute episode previously done with John Roderick of the Long Winters, Andrew Kenny of American Analog Set, The Wrens and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem.

Direct download: Episode_38__John_Vanderslice.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 12:48am CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with John Grant of The Czars. John discusses the impact of delayed US releases, incorporating foreign languages into his writing and playing with pronouns.

More description coming soon.

Direct download: Episode_37__The_Czars.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 12:30am CST

Kyp Malone describes the Return of Cookie Mountain song Province:

Abridged transcription
"We were playing festivals and recording in hotel bathrooms. ... I wanted to write something positive and uplifting. Watching and taking in all this dark bullshit that's happening in our world all the time. ... We were walking down the street and I saw graffiti on the side of this building. Someone had quoted Gandhi.  They wrote 'Love is the prerogative of the brave.'"
Soundbed music is "Walking The Cow", a Daniel Johnston cover from The Late Great Daniel Johnston, available for purchase here.

Download: Kyp Malone - 5 of 5 (m4a)
Download: Kyp Malone - 3-4 of 5 (m4a)
Kyp Malone - 1-2 of 5 (m4a)
Direct download: Kyp_Malone_of_TV_on_the_Radio_-_5_of_5.m4a
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 11:01am CST

Favorite city to play in
"I haven't been to Cairo.  I haven't been to Lagos.  I haven't played in Mexico City."

How did the recording with Bowie come about?
"And we dropped of the roughs of the record as we were working on it. And he dug 'em."

About the album leak, Crooked Rain Crooked Rain and a "change in psychology"
"One is the one we're not putting out and one is the one we are putting out."

Soundbed music is "Dry Drunk Emperor" and "Staring at the Sun" found here.

More audio available later today.

Download: Kyp Malone - 3-4 of 5 (m4a)
Kyp Malone - 1-2 of 5 (m4a)
Direct download: Kyp_Malone_of_TV_on_the_Radio_-_3-4_of_5.m4a
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 10:53am CST

MiniInterview - Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio

Last Sunday, a few friends of mine and I spent the day relaxing -- drinking some margaritas at Lee Harvey's, learning to dj from DJ Pedro himself and topped off the rare beautiful breezy Texas day with an amazing TV on the Radio show at Gypsy Tearoom.

I had never seen this band live before. I've heard stories of the "experience" or "the best live show" and read the quote in the most recent Filter where the band themselves say you might not understand the performance. I told Adam after the show, "I rarely think this when I leave a show, but HOW do they do this night after night?" The energy released through the vocals (and arm movements) of Tunde Adebimpe is intense. The band unites and the cohesive sounds on record are equally powerful live.

After the show, Adam and I had the chance to talked with Kyp and Tunde of TVOTR. We quickly walked into the empty Ballroom and recorded for less than 10 minutes total.

Here's segment 1 from Kyp Malone; he tells his love for a Narnack Records band, whose music is "honest and organic and not a put- on and not some fake hippie shit." He also talks about a new record and DVD that he feels insired by.

Soundbed music is "Dry Drunk Emperor" found here.

More audio available tomorrow.

Download: Kyp Malone - 1-2 of 5 (m4a)
Direct download: Kyp_Malone_of_TV_on_the_Radio_-_1-2_of_5.m4a
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 11:34am CST

    Things you might learn in this interview with The Grates:
  • SXSW is "heaps of lines", "heaps of bands" and "heaps of beers" .
  • "If you're weak, be prompt."
  • Slingshots are illegal in Australia.
  • To avoid getting sick while on tour, it's best to dress like a ninja.
  • Digital cameras makes movies (sometimes with audio).
  • Rolling Stone will always be gas on fire.
  • "There is no privacy in Australia."
  • Caffeine-free Diet Pepsi is the most boring drink ever.
Direct download: Episode_36__The_Grates.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 8:14am CST

Episode 35: Clem Snide

A lot of people are putoff by Clem Snide 'cause they aren't sure if it's being sincere or not. If it's a joke or if it's serious. And I like that about it. But some people don't. But you know whatever, I don't need to buy them a Christmas present or anything.

Eef Barzelay of Clem Snide
Direct download: Episode_35__Clem_Snide.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 5:56pm CST

Episode 34: Mates of State On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Kori Gardner of Mates of State. Gardner discusses an expansion in studio sounds, the impact of having a child, and forecasted reviews for Bring It Back.

IndieInterviews Insider assistance from Clever Titles Are So Last Summer, So Much Silence and Underrated Blog.

Direct download: Episode_34__Mates_of_State.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 10:41pm CST

Episode 33: David Bazan On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with David Bazan of Pedro The Lion. David discusses departing from the Pedro The Lion moniker, including profanity in his music, and looking back at the 10 years of Pedro The Lion.
Direct download: Episode_33__David_Bazan.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 5:48pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with George Hunter of Catfish Haven. Hunter discusses joining Secretly Canadian, the impact of the Catfish Haven upbringing, and his love of classic song hooks.
Direct download: Episode32_CatfishHaven.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 1:07am CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Josh Grier of Tapes 'n Tapes. Josh discusses the impact of blogs on the band's success, returning to Minneapolis after a successful tour, and The Loon's relationship with Minnesota.
Direct download: Episode31_TapesnTapes.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 12:48am CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with J.Tillman. Tillman discusses transplanting from New York City to Seattle, meeting his recording and touring partners, and the varying approaches he's used with previous recordings.

Interlude snippets used with permission of J.Tillman & Keep Recordings.

Direct download: Episode30_J_Tillman.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 9:21pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Seth Olinsky of Akron/Family. Seth discusses the band's origin and influence from New York, their changing studio approach, the band's similarities with Young God Records' Michael Gira.

Interlude snippets used with permission from Akron/Family and Young God Records.

Direct download: Episode29_Akron_Family.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 9:20pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Ramesh Srivastava of Voxtrot. Ramesh discusses the band's interest and appreciation of blogs, the process of developing the new EP and the band's plans for South By Southwest.

Interlude snippets used with permission from Voxtrot

Download The Start of Something ( IndieFeed Alt/Mod Channel )

Direct download: Episode_28__Voxtrot.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 9:33pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Chris Hrasky of Explosions in the Sky. Chris discusses the band's decision to relocated to Midland for writing, their involvement with the soundtrack to Friday Night Lights, and the stories behind future songs.

Interlude snippets used with permission from Explosions in the Sky

Download Your Hand in Mine ( IndieFeed Alt/Mod Channel )

Direct download: Episode_27__Explosions_in_the_Sky.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 6:03pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Jana Hunter. Jana discusses her recording approaches, the growing Austin folk scene, and her thoughts on her musical movement peers.

Interlude snippets used with permission from Jana Hunter

Jana Hunter

Download Restless ( IndieFeed Folk Channel )

Direct download: Episode_26__Jana_Hunter.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 8:58pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Raymond Raposa of Castanets. The soft spoken Raposa discusses networking and his recording crews, the power night had on First Light's Freeze, and the differences in writing for songs and writing for prose.

Castanets snippets used with permission of New Jerusalem Music
Direct download: Episode_25__Castanets.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 9:01pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Honus Honus of Man Man. Ryan Kattner AKA Honus Honus discusses recording their debut, the impact of member changes on Six Demon Bag, and the challenge of covering a classic.

Six Demon Bag Tracklisting:
01. Feathers
02. Engrish Bwudd
03. Banana Ghost
04. Young Einstein On The Beach
05. Skin Tension
06. Black Mission Goggles
07. Hot Bat
08. Push The Eagle's Stomach
09. Spider Cider
10. Van Helsing Boombox (MP3)
11. Tunneling Through The Guy
12. Fishstick Gumbo
13. Ice Dogs

Direct download: Episode_24__Man_Man.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 3:11pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Andrew Kenny of American Analog Set. Andrew discusses choosing Arts & Crafts, the impact of Brooklyn on Set Free, and making the decision to discontinue touring.
Direct download: Episode_23__American_Analog_Set.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 7:06pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Rogue Wave. The band (Gram LeBron, Zach Rogue, Pat Spurgeon, Evan Farrell (not present)) discusses learning to work together, expanding their sound and the assistance of four-track recording.
Direct download: Episode_22__Rogue_Wave.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 3:54pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with John Roderick of The Long Winters. John discusses touring's impact, writing about relationships, and his thoughts on life's ultimatums.

This is an extended 30-minute episode.
Direct download: Episode_21__The_Long_Winters.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 5:30am CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Dan Bunny of Bunny Brains. Dan discusses his ambitious approach to making music, and the audience perception of their live show and recordings.
Direct download: Episode_20__Bunnybrains.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 12:54pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with all four members of the band The Octopus Project. The band discusses the band's structure, making a sophomore record, and the power of MySpace.
Direct download: Episode_19__The_Octopus_Project.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 5:00am CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. James discusses remixing and being remixed, the variety of venues in which the band performs and looking forward to a new record.

This podcast is an extended 30 minute episode.
Direct download: Episode_18__LCD_Soundsystem.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 9:00pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Aaron Espinoza of Earlimart. Aaron discusses the departure from Palm, working with The Ship Collective, and dealing with struggles and their presence on Treble & Tremble.

The collaboration Aaron is referring to in the interview is:

An untitled release featuring:
1. Earlimart - Chinga's In The West
2. Grandaddy - I Heart California
3. Grandaddy - Red Curbs
4. Earlimart - The Ending Of Me

The record was recorded in 4 days at Espinoza's Los Angeles studio "The Ship." Espinoza described the project, featuring Grandaddy members Jim Fairchild, Aaron Burtch, and Jason Lytle along with Earlimart members Ariana Murray, David Latter, Joel Graves, and Aaron Espinoza, as "the most in-depth project that [Grandaddy's Jason Lytle and Espinoza] have worked on together."
Direct download: Episode_16__Earlimart.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 12:25pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with David Dondero. David discusses writing on the road, joining Team-Love and writing South Of The South.
Direct download: Episode_15__David_Dondero.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 7:58pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Vashti Bunyan. Vashti discusses returning to writing music, recording Lookaftering, and her thoughts looking back at Just Another Diamond Day.
Direct download: Episode_14__Vashti_Bunyan.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 5:16pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Alec Ounsworth of the band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!. Alec discusses the band's first national and international tours, recording the acclaimed debut, and the band's plans for the future.
Direct download: Episode_13__Clap_Your_Hands_Say_Yeah.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 5:55pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Chris Funk of the band The Decemberists. Chris discusses the band's writing process, recording Picaresque, and the band's post-tour plans.
Direct download: Episode_12__The_Decemberists.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 12:33pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Eric Johnson of the band Fruit Bats. Eric discusses moving to Seattle, recording Spelled in Bones, and the dual life of a craft services musician.
Direct download: Episode_11_Fruit_Bats.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 2:05pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Jason Molina of Magnolia Electric Co. Jason discusses their intense touring schedule, writing on the road, and the upcoming records.
Direct download: Episode_10__Magnolia_Electric_Company.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 6:26pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid will sit down with Tim DeLaughter of the band The Polyphonic Spree. Tim discusses the recent soundtrack release, the structure of the band, and his thoughts of what the future might hold.
Direct download: Episode_9__The_Polyphonic_Spree.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 6:47pm CST

On this episode of, we present a special 30-minute podcast with Charles Bissell & Greg Whelan of The Wrens. Earlier this month, your host Garrison Reid conducted a humorous yet noisey interview with the whole band prior to their Denton show. On this podcast, we conducted two seperate phone interviews in which the guys explain the struggles which produced The Meadowlands, the status of touring and the making of the anticipated follow-up.
Direct download: Episode_8__The_Wrens.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 8:25pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sat down with all 5 members of the band Midlake. Together they discuss their debut record Bamnan and Slivercork, their recent television appearance and the upcoming sophomore release Van Occupanther.

Music Interludes used with permission of Midlake & Bug Music.

Direct download: Episode_7__Midlake.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 11:36pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid will sit down with Baptist Generals' Chris Flemmons and discuss his most recent release No Silver/No Gold, the process of recording the follow-up and the departure from tape recording.
Direct download: Episode_6__The_Baptist_Generals.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 5:11pm CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sat down with Scout Niblett to discuss her recent label change, her minimalistic approach to recording and her recent release.
Direct download: Episode_5__Scout_Niblett.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 11:51pm CST

Your host Garrison Reid sat down with Ernest Salaz of I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness to discuss the band's upcoming release, their choice of a new label and producer.
Direct download: Episode_4__I_Love_You_But_Ive_Chosen_Darkness.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 7:13pm CST

We had a chance to rerecord with Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater and this podcast is our first to include live musical elements. It was lovely to enter Jonathan's space and mindset, if only for a few minutes.
Direct download: Episode_2__Shearwater.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 10:04am CST

Here it is folks. We'd like to thank Bill Baird and the band for working with us. Again there will be more posted throughout the week.
Direct download: Episode_3__Sound_Team.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 11:42am CST

On this show, your host Garrison Reid will sit down with Zykos frontman Michael Booher and discuss their newest self-titled release Zykos.
Direct download: Episode_1__Zykos.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 9:08pm CST