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This post was also previously published at Over the last month, that site has really exploded with content and style.

The Essential MIX is still being finalized -- "Essential" demands a lot of attention. Friday most likely.

Add your opinions on additional Texas bands who should be on this list.

Ten Texas Bands Who Will Impact 2006

Baptist Generals (Denton)

Denton's Chris Flemmons has high hopes for his band and their next record. His aspirations to develop pure beauty in a lo-fi shell was present on 2003's No Silver/No Gold. If time and effort are equal to blood and tears, Revolutionary Modern Heart (tentative spring release - SubPop) will be both bloody and tearsoaked.

Bosque Brown (Denton/Stephenville)

National touring acts rarely take note of their local counterparts, Bosque Brown not only amazed Damien Jurado but has been asked for as tour support by many others (Two Gallants and John Vanderslice). Her gothic sound resonates venues and leaves audiences wanting more. See this band live and you'll agree.

Jana Hunter (Austin)

After an amazing year, including a split with freak-folker Devendra Banhart and tour dates with like-minded Castanets and Deerhoof, 2006 should be an even stronger year for Jana Hunter. Her late 2005 release, Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom, is gaining audience interest and press attention. IndieInterviews thinks she might be the reincarnation of Nico.

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness (Austin)

After three years recording and scrapping sessions, Chosen Darkness signed to Secretly Canadian and have finalized their debut LP, Fear Is On Our Side, due March 7, 2006. Using a studio shared with Austinites ...Trail of Dead, the band has developed a sound expanding from their popular 2003 self-titled EP (or as their press release writes "[on the new release,] ILYBICD breaks out of any genre-specific molds").
**NEW MP3 - According To Plan**

Knife in the Water (Austin)

Since impressing many with their 2003's Cut The Cord, Knife in the Water has been touring extensively and recently have been working in south Austin on their upcoming record Viet Kieu. The band's country-fused psychedelia has garnered them foreign and a growing domestic attention. Heavy touring is expected in Texas and their home away from home, Europe.

Midlake (Denton)

Expanding on the European successes of fellow Denton artists, 5-piece Midlake signed to English label Bella Union and released 2004's Bamnan and Slivercork. After a brief tour with Rilo Kiley, Midlake spent most of 2005 working diligently on their sophomore release Van Occupanther.

Pilotdrift (Texarkana)

The band's recent release Water Sphere, a Good Records release, has got them much local press and excellent local bills. They will join fellow Good Records labelmates, Polyphonic Spree, at the band's annual winter show. If the band's successes continue to leave the DFW area, who knows what well happen. The band will have their chance for this as they nationally support Supergrass in February.

Shearwater (Austin)

Unfairly confined to the weaker placement in their relationship with Okkervil River, Shearwater will define their identity as Texas' most accurate rock band: expansive, beautiful and yet, full of lament. After their 2005 EP release Thieves and touring with The Mountain Goats, Jonathan Meiburg has written, recorded and is now finalizing their next full-length, Palo Santo, planned for April 22, 2006 Misra release.

Sound Team (Austin)

The band's most recent EP, Work EP, explains what this band does most of their time. The band has been working on a major label full length with Mike McCarthy and Alan Moulder, whose collective resumes include Smashing Pumpkins, Spoon and My Bloody Valentine. The record, which the band has been working on for over a year, should be evidence of their passion, effort and work.

Voxtrot (Austin)

Their EP Raised By Wolves has gotten the band massive press in the blogsphere (including SPIN Band of the Day). The band's history includes major love from their Austin homebase, from home shows to sell out shows at Emo's, the band has broadened their audience greatly after SXSW and CMJ showcases. Their full length record is in the works and should amplify from the era fusing pop featured on their EP.

Category:General -- posted at: 7:44pm CDT

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Honus Honus of Man Man. Ryan Kattner AKA Honus Honus discusses recording their debut, the impact of member changes on Six Demon Bag, and the challenge of covering a classic.

Six Demon Bag Tracklisting:
01. Feathers
02. Engrish Bwudd
03. Banana Ghost
04. Young Einstein On The Beach
05. Skin Tension
06. Black Mission Goggles
07. Hot Bat
08. Push The Eagle's Stomach
09. Spider Cider
10. Van Helsing Boombox (MP3)
11. Tunneling Through The Guy
12. Fishstick Gumbo
13. Ice Dogs

Direct download: Episode_24__Man_Man.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 3:11pm CDT was mentioned in the January SPIN magazine. was an Essential podcast on their Essential MIX.

So that being said, if you just landed here, welcome. There are many ways to listen to our podcasts. For iTunes users, the preferred option is the simple 1-Click Subscription icon on the left. You can also listen in any browser by clicking POD next to the podcast you want to hear.

If you would like to show your support, vote for us at Podcast Alley or Podcast Pickle. Some reviews on our iTunes page might be better than any gift.

For Tuesday -- we'll be revealing an Essential MIX of our own: like SPIN - 15-songs/5-podcasts suggested listening list.

Also, we will release an interview with Man Man featuring music from their future record, Six Demon Bag. Until then, here's a taste of the new record.
Category:General -- posted at: 2:11am CDT

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Andrew Kenny of American Analog Set. Andrew discusses choosing Arts & Crafts, the impact of Brooklyn on Set Free, and making the decision to discontinue touring.
Direct download: Episode_23__American_Analog_Set.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 7:06pm CDT

And we sorta agree. Since the record is amazing, Sufjan owns top spot on their list & #2 on ours. However, our #1 (Decemberists - Picaresque) is their #26.

They do give much love to interviewees of
44: Vashti Bunyan - Lookaftering - [Fat Cat]
26: The Decemberists - Picaresque - [Kill Rock Stars]
18: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
08: LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem - [DFA]

4 of 50 this year (8%). Next year, we're aiming for greater than 50% and to catch a bunch that are on this list. Consider it a resolution, if you must.

Read the whole list and their rationalizations.

Category:General -- posted at: 10:06am CDT

According to a filmed welcome from Tim DeLaughter shown before the rock portion of The Polyphonic Spree's 6th Annual Holiday Extravaganza, the Spree's next record will officially be titled The Fragile Army. A release date is unknown but the band has been working in Dallas with the ultratalented producer John Congleton (also of The Paperchase).

Mike Mills, the writer/director of the film Thumbsucker, described the Spree --
I think The Spree is all about fragility - as big and happy as they can sound, they are sort of 'The Fragile Army' to me. I am very lucky I got to meet all these people and that they helped me so much as a person and as a filmmaker - It makes life seem really exciting.
Mills might have known the title at the time or based on his quote, DeLaughter and band confirmed this title.

More details of the record can be heard in the IndieInterviews September podcast with Tim DeLaughter.
Category:General -- posted at: 3:31am CDT

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Rogue Wave. The band (Gram LeBron, Zach Rogue, Pat Spurgeon, Evan Farrell (not present)) discusses learning to work together, expanding their sound and the assistance of four-track recording.
Direct download: Episode_22__Rogue_Wave.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 3:54pm CDT

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with John Roderick of The Long Winters. John discusses touring's impact, writing about relationships, and his thoughts on life's ultimatums.

This is an extended 30-minute episode.
Direct download: Episode_21__The_Long_Winters.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 5:30am CDT

Andrew Bird
& The Mysterious Production of Eggs

MP3: A Nervous Tic... | NPR Story

Lyrically, one of the most impressive records I have ever heard. Bird's allusions and metaphors have scattered this record with gems of literary and auditory beauty. His layering of whistles, raw electric guitar and his technical violin parts work into one of the year's most unique and skilled releases. These songs all start by escalating in way that you've swallowed the lure whole before you know otherwise. & The Mysterious Production of Eggs leads you on an irresistible journey of Thai butterflies, calcium, GPS, monsters and more.

Bloc Party
Silent Alarm

MP3: Banquet | Full D.C. Concert (NPR)

The promotion for this record was so ambitious it was nearly a turn off. The quote from Uncut or NME referred to the record, as early as February, as one of the year's best records. From the first notes of "Like Eating Glass", the energy of the record is overwhelming. The record's less successful tracks are surrounded by single suited songs. The consistent layers of guitars and vocals makes listening to the record soothing and yet energizing.

Rogue Wave
Descended Like Vultures

MP3: Publish My Love | 10:1

After loving Out Of The Shadows over the last two years, I had massive expectations for the band and the record. The 10:1 EP worked to wet the appetite. "10:1" is one of Rogue Wave's strongest songs: the recording zips, squeals and creaks established a ripened character for the band's sophomore attempt. The charm of is the record's pacing and order. The acoustic numbers shows a clarity of a singer/songwriter and quickly is followed by elaborate full pop songs showcasing the tight entity that Rogue Wave has become.

The Heartless Bastards
Stairs and Elevators

MP3: Onions | New Resolution

This band opened for Drive-By Truckers November 2004. The band was signed by Fat Possum based on a strong suggestion from The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carneyand. The Heartless Bastards joined the label and released Stairs and Elevators in February 2005. The recording's raw quality catches you off-guard. After a few listens, you realize it more accurately reflects the band's efforts than a glossy recording. The blues community has had many female powerhouses. However at 5'2" and blonde, Erika Wennerstrom has created her own chapter. Stairs and Elevators has more attitude than you expect of any band's debut.

J. Tillman
I Will Return

MP3: Lilac Hem | Cecille, My Love

Richard Buckner, Damien Jurado and Dolorean played a sold out show in Austin in a nontraditional venue. The night was amazing. Dolorean opened and established a smooth foundation for the night. After Dolorean finished their short set, a thin, tall, scruffy man entered the stage wielding a guitar and said "Damien asked me to come out and play you a song." He didn't say his name or the title of the song. He stayed on stage playing guitar with Damien Jurado. After the show, the man was guarding the merch booth. I asked what his name was and if he had any music available. At that point in time, he handed me a copy of a burned disc. The record got picked up by KEEP Records and was released very limitedly. Look forward to a future release from this amazing songwriter.

Ryan Adams
Jacksonville City Nights

MP3: The Hardest Part | Pitchfork Review

People aren't making records with the way Adams does it. The urgency of the record is felt with each additional listen. The masks Ryan puts on and shares with the listener are an anthology of pain and loss. This is the most Whiskeytown-like record that Ryan has recorded since going solo. Everyone says it's Heartbreaker. Which no doubt is a compliment but it also puts Jacksonville City Nights in a shadow that isn't necessary or accurate. If Cold Roses could have been limited to a single disc and allowed to stew for 8 months, it would be Jacksonville City Nights.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!

MP3: This Tidal Wave of Young Blood | IndieInterviews Podcast

The jovial nature of this release carries the dozen cuts through the blurs of words and swamp of keyboards. Cheated by the dozens of comparisons and celebrity namechecks the band receives, CYHSY! have double the duties to establish a sound and image of their own. Luckily, the band's debut CYHSY! captures the carnival atmosphere and fused it into a well paced rock record. The future for this group is blindingly bright.

The Octopus Project
One Ten Hundred Thousand Million

MP3: Music Is Happiness | IndieInterviews Podcast

Great records must have many human characteristics: body (substance through instruments), emotion (lyrical or tonal feelings), thought (efficiency) and a heartbeat (the record's soul). This record, in all the variety of songs, always accentuates the record's heartbeat. This element unifies the eleven tracks. The use of samples defines the brilliance of The Octopus Project: subtle, clever and with intent. The accuracy and precision in this record astonishes me. The fine tuning of One Then Hundred Thousand Million is the crux of it's beauty.

Sufjan Stevens

MP3: Chicago | The Lord God Bird (NPR Story)

I often wonder if Sufjan predicts the joy listeners experience as we trek through these states along his side. I've visited Illinois. I have stories of Chicago and Urbana. However, it takes the genius of Stevens to illustrate these cities and towns as done on Illinoise. Sufjan's stint at the New School has never been so present; as through these lovely short fictions (disguised as songs), Stevens shares the histories, thoughts and emotions of this interesting state. Although Seven Swans received heavy rotation, I was cautiously anticipating the continued religious subtleties. However on this record, Sufjan shines more light into the struggles of piety and the disappointment which results. Illinoise's 74 minutes make for a lush, descriptive, and yet, beautifully authentic glimpse at the Land of Lincoln.

The Decemberists

MP3: The Engine Driver | IndieInterviews Podcast

After Castaways and Cutouts and last year's Her Majesty, the momentum was building for a powerful record. This record layered with adjectives and characters so thick that Meloy's idols alive and dead must be rejoicing. The vocals are placed perfectly ahead of everything else. As the band's stage show has grown into something of it's own, as have the records. This record persuade the listener to want to see it live. This factor is surely a massive success from any musician's perspective. Decemberists multi-instrumentalist Chris Funk correctly defined Picaresque as a truly quintessential Decemberists record.

In addition, Michael Bravata of the Dallas area Rockwall Herald-Banner shared his list with

Top 10 Records of 2005:
10. Sigur Ros - Takk
9. Boards of Canada - The Campfire Headphase
8. Xiu Xiu - La Foret
7. Rogue Wave - Descended Like Vultures
6. Broken Social Scene - S/T
5. Deerhoof - The Runners Four
4. Sufjan Stevens - Illinoise
3. Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
2. Wolf Parade - Apologies To The Queen Mary
1. Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
Category:General -- posted at: 5:30am CDT

On this show, your host Garrison Reid sits down with Dan Bunny of Bunny Brains. Dan discusses his ambitious approach to making music, and the audience perception of their live show and recordings.
Direct download: Episode_20__Bunnybrains.mp3
Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 12:54pm CDT

If you are here, you have successfully been transfered from the domain or been linked from elsewhere. Our domain has been unavailable for certain browser users. We are fixing this and should all be fixed within the next day. Sorry.
Category:General -- posted at: 12:29am CDT